Excerpts from previously published art reviews & interviews.

  • In what is a very impressive display of creativity and artistic talent representing countries from all over and ages ranging from pre-teen to over 50, Ride’s 1st Annual Graphic Competition in association with the Small Works Gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is nothing less than extraordinary!,Ride Announces Winners of Snowboard Art: A Graphics Competition, article published at The Local, Ride website, and artlinksteamboat, 2003.
  • As I’m sure you’re well aware, artists come from every walk-of-life. Some artists happen into this vocation, as evidenced by my interview withJohn S. Moon. And more often than not, most artists have a full-time gigthat may not readily denote ”artsy.” Such is the subject of today’s column.I first met Athens artist Robin Fay on the business end of a job interview. She made me sweat then, but now I get to turn the tables., When you see the world through art, Athens Banner Herald, 2002.
  • The show includes Robin Fay’s glittery and beaded paintings of swirling, jewel-toned ribbon shapes..….A show of thanks, Athens Marquee, 2002.
  • shimmer of dreams, Robin Fay. Sponsored by University Union. Athens resident Robin Fay combines layers of acrylic paint, metallic flake and paint, glass beads, and sand to move away from representational art while exploring texture, movement, and color. Opening reception on Tuesday, May 7 from 6-7 PM. Through Friday, June 14, 2002. Tate Student Center Art Gallery.-UGA Calendar
  • Local artists Robin Fay and Meredith RĂ© are included in The University of Mobile’s 11th annual ”Art With A Southern Drawl,” which features the best in visual arts from seven Southern states, on display at the Donald Gallery at the University of Mobile through April 30.The annual juried exhibition and competition represents a wide range of media, styles, themes and techniques. To enter, artists must be either born in or currently live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee or Texas. During the April 2002 show, 89 pieces of artwork were selected for the exhibit from more than 670 entries, Local Artists exhibit, Athens Banner Herald, 2002.

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  • In ”cattales & other deeds,” her show of paintings in Watkinsville’s Krimson Kafe, her portraits of cats — most reflecting qualities of her own pint-sized house mates — are brilliantly colored and sometimes dramatically textured. Though they hang alongside some of Fay’s earlier work — equally bright and warm still lifes — it’s the cat paintings that people seem to ask the most about, she says.”Something for cat and art lovers, Athens Banner Herald, 2001.
  • Fay stresses the importance of quality design, mentioning the struggle of formatting her paintings. Deciding on resolution quality of the work is a struggle: ”with lower resolutions, more people (with mid-range computers) can see it, but it loses a lot of detail,”Athens artists find Web sites are ideal gallery spaces…, Athens Marquee, 2000.
  • Excerpt from the Athens Banner Herald article, 2/25/99, Stroke of spontaneity… “Under the brush strokes of artist Robin Fay, suggestion becomes a powerful tool to transport the winter weary to the tropics for a mental vacation… Fay, whose trademarks are bright, intense tropical colors that move across the canvas and a quirky, humorous way of viewing the world…
  • Short review from the modernartsite.com, “The paintings on this site have a strong leaning towards children’s books.Their dark, unreal quality smacks of Paula Rego and the surrealist Giorgio De Chirico. ”