flowr1.jpgThere are more important things in the world…. really….

I just don’t understand how some people can make mountains out of mole hills.
I also don’t understand how some people can be so judgmental and have such an intolerance for errors. Everyone makes errors~it’s just human nature. To expect otherwise, is absurd. I personally hate to make mistakes and will do whatever is in my power to avoid them. HOWEVER, when I do make a mistake (as we all do), I try to evaluate what happened and I try to learn from my mistake.

I used to really stress when I made a mistake and would just worry and worry and worry and worry and worry over it. No more. It’s not worth it. I do not want to become old and bitter worrying over the things that are really not important.

I feel fortunate that I have not had worse things happen to me. I am here, I haven’t had any serious health issues (yet, at least), I have a place to live, I have food to eat everyday (too much somedays!), I have family & friends, I have enough money to pay my bills(not as much as I’d like, of course!).

What else is there?

I have walked away from alot of serious potentially life threatening situations and I am very grateful.

Really, everyone in the world could use a epiphany.

…and in case you wonder what situations I’m talking about here is the short list:
-2 car accidents where the cars were totalled (1 rolled several times and I had to break the side window to get out)
-being held up at gun point with a gun pressed against my head
-being hit by a car when I was out running

…and that is only the short list…

…and of course, some of you may also remember that my sister has Desmoid tumors which are essentially untreatable although for the most part not life threatening.

One day I may write more about those situations but then again I don’t feel like giving those situations any more emotional energy.

Do a good deed today and put something into your karma bank. You never know when you might need to make a withdrawal…