After some prodding from my friend Wendy smile I decided that I should write an update at least.
The pollen is just killing me which leaves me feeling groggy and foggy… or perhaps, that’s just the meds talking… wink

I am supposed to be pulling together tifs for a solo exhibit this fall and I need to meet with a different gallery about a solo show this summer.
So why I haven’t I done anything?

For a while I thought maybe I was developing chronic fatigue syndrome but then I realized I have a reason to be exhausted. Last night I got a big 4 hours of dream filled agitated sleep.
It’s no wonder that I am struggling through the day to stay awake but then when the evening comes, I can’t go to sleep.
Oh, insomnia…
For those of you who don’t suffer from insomnia (yeah, I know who you are!), insomnia is insidious. It can seem like a good thing (wow! look at all of the stuff I get done at 3 AM), but then when the exhaustion hits, it becomes an effort to just make it through the day.

So, bear with me. I hope to get some sleep this weekend and as the pollen counts go down, my reliance on meds will, too (which should help in the sleep dept. also)