“Are you getting pieces of this? Suddenly, she wasn’t there. Are you getting pieces of this? And for ten minutes, he was a hero. A house full of condiments and no food.”

I’ve been getting a ton of spam in my yahoo mailbox. I have gotten lazy in reporting spam messages to yahoo. Supposedly, when you report more spam messages, Yahoo uses them to make a better spam filter. However, I was wondering if the spam was coming in to my yahoo account or targeting my robinart account that I access through yahoo.

So, I opened one of them to check the address. I’m not sure what they are advertising as I’ve turned off html/graphics in my email but the text that accompanies it is really funny. It must use some sort of message generator which just picks from a random group of sentences. Now, I’m not promoting spam (CONTRARY to that!), but I thought you might appreciate the sentence above.

..actually that sentence very much reminds me of Courtney Love’s performance on David Letterman last night.