As I sit here waiting for my crimson red toenails to dry, I think about the color red. I’ve never worn red much except on my toes or perhaps, an occasional tube of lipstick. It’s not that I’m afraid of the intensity of the color, it’s just that it doesn’t work well with my coloring, except for maybe on halloween. smile

Red, the color of stop signs. Red, the color of blood. Red, the color of power.

One of my supervisors (from eons ago) would wear a red suit whenever she had to meet with donors or other important folks.
She always said the color was the thing. I’m not sure if it was the color or the shortness of her suit skirt that helped her, or neither of those.

My favorite red lipstick was a wonderful tomato-y red called red robin (hmm, I wonder why?)
Just in case you were wondering why I’m sitting here thinking about color, I am reading a book by Victoria Finlay called Color. Carmine has a somewhat sad story as it’s derived from insects. Yes, insects. I can’t tell if my nailpolish contains carmine. but I certainly hope it doesn’t.

Regardless, it has reminded me to be more conscious about the colorants and paints that I buy, although I will still enjoy my sparkling toes.

…and watch out world, I’m wearing red….