I always find the keywords that folks search in the various engines which lead them to my site. Almost as interesting are the search terms that folks used which found my site but they didn’t visit.
Search terms of visitors to my website from the major search engines for one day, along with my reasoning of why they got robinart as a hit:

metallic paint galleries
hilltop grille
(most likely from the bulldog sculpture list as one is at hilltop grille)
(a name of a painting)
robinart books
bulldog photos
(from all the bulldog sculpture stuff)
hilltop grill athens georgia
snowboard art
(from the art contest last year)
sister songs
(an art exhibit I did with my sister last year)
more search engine results below…

Apparently, some folks were hungry yesterday. smile I have been getting lots of search engine hits for the bulldog stuff as well as the snowboard art contest. I often get hits for robinart although I don’t know if they looking for me or someone else…and occasionally, I get hits for my name. smile

I average 200 hits per day with a mix of lost souls (sorry, it wasn’t what you were looking for) and a mix of folks actually looking for artwork or occasionally even me…

grandmother poetry
(a painting title)

(a bookmark or cached page)

Hilltop grill athens