1. What was your first Halloween costume?
a rabbit

The first costume I remember picking was Morticia from the Adams family.
2. What was your best costume and why?
Best costume? Hmm. Well Little Red Riding Hood was alot of fun.

I’ve also been Morticia, a hippie, Tinkerbell, Cyndi Lauper, Grace O’Malley (an Irish pirate queen), a witch (a few times), Glenda the Good Witch, the Faerie Queen, the Little Mermaid, Princess Leia, a bat, and a black cat (more than once.)

3. Did you ever play a trick on someone who didn’t give you a treat?

4. Do you have any Halloween traditions? (ie: Family pumpkin carving, special dinner before trick or treating, etc.)
going out in costume with my sister and friends….

5. Share your favorite scary story…real or legend!
It was a dark and stormy night… oh, wait, that’s not my story…