Ok, today someone asked me (jokingly, of course) if I was a vampire. Do you know how many times I’ve been asked that? Or a witch? Or if I’m wearing pantyhose when I’m not (white ones, of course…)
Or I startle people at night?

Honestly, I’ve GOT to come up with a good, witty answer for this one.

Being a pale pasty kind of person, is kind of weird sometime. I once startled the neighborhood teenagers… I was out for an evening run and they were returning from a neighbor’s house. They literally shrieked and started to run the other way (and then laughed about it….) At night, I have accidentally startled many people.

When I was Mexico, I was definitely in the “unusual” category.

Someone once told me that I was the whitest white person that they had ever met. I’m not claiming that title, smile but I do know that I sometimes look ghostly if I’ve not been out in the sun in a while accumulating freckles or not sleeping (like now) or not eating enough protein.

I often end up photographing really weird. People don’t realize that yes, I am really THAT color. A flash might make me invisible.

So now you know. If I’m not wearing lipstick I might be completely invisible…

…but sometimes being invisible might not be such a bad thing….