So, after the fire incident we are back working at the library. Well, sort of. I know that the professional disaster management crew is working REALLY hard to try to clean things up so that all of us can get back to a more normal routine. Currently, the displaced staff are all crammed into any extra space/workstation possible. It’s hard not to run into someone in the halls and of course, it’s noisy between the equipment cleaning the air and all of the extra folks. I’m not complaining, everyone is doing an incredible job. It’s just the current reality.

I AM very grateful that I am not part of the displaced. A lot of folks (not just the displaced) seem tense and kind of jittery, for a lot of difference reasons, I think. Certainly, I’m feeling a little edgy. My allergies have been bothering me since I came back to the library and my insomnia is just out of control now… add the stress of the extra work related stuff, being hacked, and well… I feel a little edgy and exhausted. By Friday, I will have spent the last 19 days doing something work related every day. I know that I’m not the only one. Thank goodness, I am now at my desk and I have computer oriented work to do. I think I’ve listened to my headphones more in the last 3 days than I have in the last year at work.

I can’t wait until Friday-finally a weekend with no work related phone calls, no work email, no work work, and no worrying. I am planning to be completely “unwired” this weekend. (I HOPE…..)

Of course, I have plenty to do this weekend. There is still the DAWG thing (see entries to the right) to finish up and an exhibit to get ready for in Sept at the Oconee Library and a different exhibit to take in Sept.