The one thing that I just hate (even more than spam to my email address) is SPAM in my guestbook.
I mean, would you really, go read someone’s guestbook posts and then go, “why gosh, that realtor sounds nice… maybe I’ll buy a house from him/her?” Of course NOT. So, why do they even bother?
For a while this was a really big problem but I am working on it. I thought about writing my own guestbook script or looking at doing a guestbook in php, but I LIKE my html page guestbook. smile It’s a very simple modified version of Matt’s guestbook script.
I’m sure at some point I’ll get around to better guestbook, but in the mean time I am aggresively going after anyone who posts SPAM to my guestbook. Unfortunately, complaining to their ISP is of little value most times but what I can do is remove the post and block them from my website. Ah, the beauty of the .htaccess For those generated messages from regular offenders, it is wonderful. I thought about making a custom 404 just for when they can’t get into my website, something along the lines of “HA HA! Take that you bad old spammers!” Of course, right now I am blocking at the domain level, so it is possible that I am losing some legitimate visitors. Sorry! 🙁

I chose that because it was easy and also because I seem to get alot of spam from certain small international domains. Anyhow, now I have to see what I can do to the guestbook script to automatically insert a symbol in the address to prevent email address trolling. I have been adding “no spam” or extra @s when I remove the SPAM, but I would like something a little less obvious and less work intensive.

…and on the topic of SPAM… Did you know Hormel (maker of that meat product, Spam) is suing SPAMarrest?
I don’t want to have to start saying “unsolicited junk email” or some other long, generic description when I mean SPAM. I understand why they are doing it, but I wish they would have a little better sense of humor….