I’ve loaded the first of the Washington &; Oregon Photos. From the adventures at Mt. Hood, without any planning we ended up following part of the path of Lewis &; Clark. From Mt. Hood, we headed to the Canon Beach, home of Haystack Rock. The drive out there was beautiful-lush green, ferny rain forest including the world’s largest Sitka Spruce Tree. Wow. it was really incredible, over a 1000 years old, and over 58 feet tall. The circumference is so large that there is a boardwalk built all of the way around. There is really no way to get the whole thing in a photo.

From there, we continued on to Canon Beach. Canon Beach is neat, a mix of tourism, sandy beaches and sea stacks. It was low tide so we were able to walk out to the tide pools and close to Haystack rock. About the time we were halfway out to Haystack Rock, the tide start coming in. In about 15 minutes the tide was completely in -quite different from Florida!

As it wasn’t yet sunset, we headed up the coast towards Astoria. Seaside was really a neat place. As the end of the Lewis and Clark trail, it has just enough tacky tourist stuff (aquarium, etc) to be fun. It isn’t so much of a pretty beach town as an old touristy beach town. The beach is flat, wide and beige grey sandy, no seastacks.

CNN has a really interesting story about several places we visited including Astoria and Seaside, OR.