So, rumor had it that the sunflower dog (one of the art dogs) was still at the Classic Center. SO, I decided to take a look. Sure enough, it’s in the first building on the lower level near the escalator.
I have no clue how long it will be there but it was a nice thing to hear.

In case you didn’t read/hear about the artdog thing or I didn’t explain it very well in my previous post but here’s the scoop. There are 38 large fiberglass bulldogs painted and scattered around Athens and Oconee. According to what I’ve read there are 6 in Watkinsville. There’s a bunch downtown. I will try to put up a list until the official map is posted. They are kind of fun. Some of them (the ones without sharp edges!!!) you could probably sit on if no one was looking. smile

SO, take a look around. You will probably see one.