So, I’ve been thinking about what to do with my life and how to better intergrate my two very different lives. On one hand, the art stuff seems to be humming along. On the other hand, the ‘work’ work stuff, seems to be trundling along…
I think the thing that amazes me about art is that it is hard work. I don’t mean the actual creation process (which can be painfully hard sometimes) but the other part-making money, getting out into the ‘art world’ (wherever that really is), building a reputation.
It really is ‘work’ work.

The other part of the art thing is that you can sometimes work really hard and want something to really happen, and it just doesn’t. No matter how much you try, there’s no fixing it.
Of course, then there are times when things just happen almost by chance.
SO, here’s hoping for more opportunities by chance and have a happy weekend.