Dog parade #2.. Disappearing from the world of reality….
I get the second dog on Weds night… (I know my dates are off on my journal….)

Weds, 5:30ish p.m: dog arrives, off to home depot & assorted supply stores. I am now the owner of a small triangular sander (a corner cat for you folks who want to know). I’ve used a sander before but certainly not on a large fiberglass dog.
Thurs, 6 pm til 11:30 ish: sanding with power sander, handsanding, and bondo
Fri, til 6 pm 11:30 ish: ditto but my fingers are started to feel worn down and I think they are numb…
Sat, 8 am ish til 1:00 am: (breaks for meals)… I started priming and laying down the base coat for painting. Wow, do you know a large fiberglass bulldog can stand on its head? Do you know if you paint such a thing bright yellow it kind of looks like Big Bird?
So, I really didn’t start painting in earnest until late Sat night. I stayed up as late as I could Sat. but I had to give up when the paint was too wet to work
Sunday, 7:30 am ’til well after 3 am: (breaks for meals) Using my design, I laid down a basic sketch first. I painted the tummy first while the dog was standing on its head. Then I worked on the rest of the body. The tail was particularly challenging as it is shaped like a cinnamon bun even when it’s not painted. Now how to incorporate a cinnamon bun shaped object into some viney funky flowers?

Hmmm…. Around 3 am, I just gave up. I think I was painting with my eyes shut and no amount of coffee or cola was helping. I had to work the next day and although I was trying to meet the 12 Noon deadline on Monday, I just didn’t see it happening at all. The best I could say is that I tried. .
So, I crashed. At least, I didn’t fall asleep on the bulldog. I don’t think.

Monday, 6 – 8:30 am: As I was up so late the night before painting, I had no hopes that the bulldog would actually be dry. SO, I continued to do some touchup on it until I absolutely had to jump in the shower.
I didn’t have time to really scrub some of the paint off of me (I think it was probably the shortest shower in history) but at least I was clean… with paint covered feet.
I then called Julie, apologized profusely in a tired, long and rambling message. Wow. I was so wiped out at work. More so than usual. I think I was a walking art zombie. My group is so very nice to put up with me.
…and, I find out that the body shop nicely agreed to stay open late to paint my dog. Some days are just ok. smile

Monday, 4:40 pm: The transportation folks (some nice people with a big truck) picked it up.
I wasn’t quite ready to let it go, but there’s good enough and then there’s fussing over something needlessly. So, I signed it and let it go, wondering if it was good enough :'(

Tuesday, 6 pm, Classic Center: Who let the dogs out? Well, the ‘unleashing party’ was a big success in my book and my dogs looked OK next to the competition. smile